Who Needs Turbinoplasty?

May 03, 2024 | Patient Education

Nasal turbinates are structures inside the nasal cavity that help regulate airflow and humidify air. Turbinoplasty, also known as inferior turbinate reduction surgery, is a procedure designed to alleviate nasal obstruction caused by enlarged inferior turbinates, a common cause of nasal obstruction. Houston Sinus Surgeon Dr. Shawn Allen explains who can benefit from Turbinoplasty. 


Causes and Symptoms of Enlarged Turbinates

Enlarged turbinates, or inferior turbinate hypertrophy, can be caused by several different things, including an infection, overuse of certain medications, or genetic predisposition. 

Enlarged turbinates can cause chronic nasal congestion, which is often worse at night. Difficulty breathing through the nose can lead to snoring, dry mouth and sore throat, and even dental decay. Left untreated, enlarged turbinates can cause sleep apnea.


Best Candidates for Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Turbinate reduction surgery may be right for you if:

  • An experienced ENT such as Dr. Allen has diagnosed enlarged turbinates with a physical exam, nasal endoscopy, or CT imaging.
  • Your nasal obstruction symptoms have lasted more than a few months. 
  • Non-surgical treatments, such as nasal steroid sprays and allergy medications, have failed to alleviate symptoms. 


The Bottom Line on Turbinate Reduction Surgery

The only way to determine if turbinate reduction surgery is right for you is to see an experienced Rhinologist. If you suffer from the pain and inconvenience of chronic nasal congestion, there may be an underlying cause such as enlarged turbinates. Dr. Allen is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with nose and sinus issues. Contact us to schedule your appointment.  

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