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Preparing for Your Clinic Visit

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What To Bring

To provide our patients with a thorough assessment for care without delays, patients who have received prior treatment for their sinus or nasal problems are asked to bring copies or provide consent for us to obtain those medical records in advance of your appointment. These documents and/or records help Dr. Allen make appropriate management decisions using all available information at your initial visit.

Operative Reports

Operative reports for any prior sinus or nasal procedures often include descriptions of operative findings and exactly which procedures were performed, which may guide further workup and management of your condition. Please bring a copy of any relevant operative reports to your visit, or consent for us to request a copy on your behalf prior to the visit.

Prior Imaging

If you have relevant, recent imaging (within the past 12 months) please bring a copy of the study burned on disc for us to review during your visit. Reports (in the absence of the actual images) are generally not adequate for an accurate assessment of your condition. If prior imaging is unavailable, we have in-office CT scanners that are safe and tolerable with an upright chair design. CT imaging is the most accurate way to evaluate a sinus problem, determine disease severity, and uncover anatomic reasons for blockages affecting your sinus function or nasal breathing. While dental scans and sinus x rays may reveal sinus disease, these studies are no longer standard of care and are generally not utilized in medical decision-making beyond treating sinus infections short-term.

Any Other Reports Or Results Relevant To Your Condition

These may include:

  • Allergy testing
  • Sleep study
  • Sinus or nasal cultures
  • ER/Urgent Care visits

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