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Do Nasal Polyps Come Back After Sinus Surgery?

November 07, 2023 | Patient Education

A common question from patients who have surgery to remove nasal polyps is whether or not their nasal polyps will grow back after the procedure. Dr. Shawn Allen, a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) and fellowship-trained Rhinologist in Houston, is highly experienced...

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man blowing nose

Nasal Breathing – What is Normal, and What Causes Congestion?

October 17, 2023 | Patient Education

Abnormal nasal breathing is one of the most common symptoms that lands a patient in an ENT clinic. In kids, the causes tend to be allergic in nature (enlarged turbinates, nasal polyps, etc.) as anatomy problems such as septal deviations...

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Rhinologist operating on patient's nose

What Is The Significance Of Rhinology Fellowship Training Compared To A General ENT Doctor’s Training?

December 28, 2022 | Patient Education

A Rhinology Fellowship is a year of intense exposure to the most challenging sinus and skull base diseases, during which an ENT physician performs a very large number of these challenging surgeries to improve both their clinical knowledge and their...

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Sinus illustration on woman holding tissue to her nose

Is Balloon Sinuplasty As Easy And Effective As Advertised?

December 20, 2022 | Sinus

Balloon Sinuplasty is generally an easy procedure to perform for any ENT doctor, and has led to the development of many “sinus centers” led by ENT’s that are not fellowship-trained in Rhinology. It can be done awake or under sedation,...

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Woman looking out window in uncertainty

Why Do Some Sinus Procedures Fail?

December 16, 2022 | Sinus

Most people have friends, family, or personal experiences with failed sinus procedures. Symptoms were better for a while, and then slowly returned to how they were before their procedures. This leads to skepticism when any doctor, no matter their training...

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